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Complete Index for All Three Books

Integrated Index to Railroader’s C/MRI Applications Handbook, v.3.0, vols. 1 & 2 and the C/MRI User’s Manual, v. 3.0

 Click HERE to download the Index.

The present version of this "Integrated Index" covers the User's Manual V. 3.0 and Appendices as well as volumes 1 and 2 of The Railroader’s C/MRI Applications Handbook V. 3.0. References to the CDROM (only partly indexed at this time) are marked in red.

This version supercedes the earlier release posted to the C/MRI User’s Group 25 June 2014.

At this time USB related material added to create V3.1 User's Manual is not referenced in this version of the Index, i.e. since it is not covered in V3.0. However, for readers interested in USB and its application to the C/MRI, the coverage can be found on Pages 4-25 through 4-29 and on Pages 4-35 through 4-42 of User's Manual V3.1.

Additionally, I have been told by Bruce, that if you have V3.0 User's Manual and seek the USB information, there is no need to purchase V3.1. The only significant change between V3.0 and V3.1 is an updated Chapter 4, which covers USB, and which is directly downloadable without cost from the newly updated JLC Web site.

This document is not the work of a professional indexer, but rather the effort of an amateur who has often been frustrated by indices which seem to misdirect the reader with numerous page references to a single word or phrase. The effort here has been to reduce ambiguity for the reader by offering more descriptive references. Traditional cross-references are offered in some cases, but more often various permutations of words have been indexed to enable the user to find a topic whether searching, for example, under ABS for signals, or under signal systems for ABS.

Tabs, such as AAAAA, BBBBB, etcetera, have been used as a navigational aid in compiling this index. These tabs have been left in the document to shorten searches, allowing a user looking for the section on signals to use Adobe to move to the tab at SSSSS without encountering all the intervening items under which “signal” may appear. Thus one may use the cursor to move down the page to the sections on “signals” (or those on “signal systems,” “signaling,” or “signals”) much more readily.

The present document is 74 pages in length, containing approximately 5,100 line entries.

This effort has been carried out with Dr. Bruce Chubb’s foreknowledge and support. Continued revision and correction will be needed. Any errors, mischaracterizations or omissions in this index are solely my responsibility.

Users of this index are urged to point out any and all errors and omissions and to suggest corrections and improvements by sending email directly to saunders.jh@gmail.com