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Integrated Index

Index for both User's Manual 3.0 and Application Handbook v3.0 Volume One and Volume Two





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Integrated Index

User’s Manual Additions not included in printed manual

The following chapters and appendices are made available at no cost for owners of the 3.0 and 3.1 Versions of the C/MRI User’s Manual




 Chapter 17

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Classic 24-Bit Digital I/O Cards (DIN and DOUT)

 Chapter 18

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Adding Analog Interface Cards

 Chapter 19 

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Power Supplies

 Appendix B 2..2 MB Serial Protocol Subroutines – QuickBASIC Version
 Appendix C 146 KB Serial Protocol Subroutines – Visual Basic Version
 Appendix D 70 KB Universal Serial Test Program – QuickBASIC Version
 Appendix E 169 KB Universal Serial Test Program – Visual Basic Version
 Appendix F 5.1 MB Original-Design I/O Cards (CIN24 and COUT24)
 Appendix G 2.0 MB Original 68701-Based Universal Serial Interface Card (USIC)


Downloadable Packages and Software Examples

The CMRI Node Test Program


The CMRI Node Test Program is a general purpose program that allows you to test the inputs and outputs on your model railroad from the railroad's CMRI computer, through the individual nodes, and finally on to the device at the end of the furthest I/O wires. The program displays a matrix of all the individual inputs to the node under test on the computer's screen, showing the state of each individual input in real time. The program also allows you to turn on and off individual output lines from the computer and confirm that the proper action takes place on the layout.

zip Download the CMRI Node Test Program HERE


 "Signaling Made Easier" Model Railroader Series

The following files are downloadable in support of the Model Railroader series Signaling Made Easier by Bruce Chubb starting with the January 2004 issue. For best performance, save these files to your hard drive before opening them:

Universal Serial Test Program – QuickBASIC Version (USTPQB.BAS) which also includes the QuickBASIC CALL version of the Serial Protocol Subroutines (SPSQBC.BAS). (Note: Although this may well show up on your screen using Windows Explorer as a Visual Basic module because its file name extension is .BAS, it is in actuality a QuickBASIC program). See below for information on Visual Basic version.





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QuickBasic Version


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Clear Text Version (if you have trouble downloading the above version, use this one and rename the file for use with QuickBasic)

Signaling Example Program as defined in Part 3 of the Signaling Made Easier series and which includes the GOSUB version of the Serial Protocol Subroutines




 Signaling Made Easier

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Signaling Made Easier Example Software and Program Documentation


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Zipped file containing all of the constituent files to run the VBSigGraph_001 project. This project can be launched on any computer having Visual Basic 6 fully installed. Instructions for loading and running the program are as follows.

In Windows, create a new folder and name it VBSigGraph_001, then extract all the files contained in the attached file into this new folder. Click on the project file, i.e. the file with the .vbp extension, and this will load the project. Click on "Run", then "Start" and the program will launch.


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VBSigGraph_001 project in executable format. Then simply click on it and the program opening screen will be seen on the monitor. This version of the example program does not allow access to the project program listings, only the above full version of the program will allow this.